Colorado Division 10 Specialty Products

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Whether you’re currently working on a renovation or starting a new construction project, our team of experts can help. At Rio Grande Co., we have partnered with some of the industry leaders in Division 10 specialties to ensure we are providing the Denver, Colorado area with products unique to their construction needs.

What is Division 10?

Division 10 refers to specialty products and materials found in commercial buildings that don’t exactly fall within other standard divisions. In general, this includes toilet partitions, restroom accessories, and so on. These products are important because they are necessary for the effective use of each finished construction project.

What products does Rio Grande Co. carry?

At Rio Grande Co., our focus is on providing each customer with their specific specialty product requests. Through our array of top vendors, our company has quickly become an industry leader in providing Division 10 specialties. Our goal is to ensure we help each of our customers meet the specifications and appropriate product needs for their projects.

Products that we supply that fall under this category include:

Why are these specialty products so important?

Public restrooms do not exactly have a good reputation and they affect businesses more than most owners realize. A study showed that consumers tend to have a negative perception of businesses with poorly-maintained restrooms, interpreting the lack of restroom care as a lack of care for the customer.

Commercial Bathroom Accessories offer accessibility and hygienic solutions for public restrooms of any size. These supplies are necessities for every business that has a public or private restroom for their guests and employees. Restrooms are used for both commercial and private uses, which means that contractors can either purchase restroom division 10 specialties for private homes or for commercial buildings. Of course, the two are wildly different, as commercial restrooms require sanitary dispensers, partitions, and handrails for stability and handicap accessibility.

We offer a wide variety of bathroom accessories that are designed to meet the needs of all commercial type restrooms. Our Division 10 Specialties team has access to leading brands and suppliers of specialty products. From bathroom partitions to grab bars, soap dispensers, paper towel and toilet dispensers, changing stations, hand dryers and waste receptacles, we can source it for you.

Rio Grande Co. also supplies Denver and the Rocky Mountain region with many other essential construction materials including mortar materials, cements, sand and gravel, concrete accessories, structural steel, rebar, fireplaces, hardware, and stone.

For more information, please contact us to speak directly with a representative or visit our blog for more inspiration.

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