Fireplaces 101: All the Types of Fireplaces And What You Need To Know

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It’s the beginning of Fall, which means cooler temperatures and fun festivities! Make sure your fireplace is up-to-date with the latest heating technology to keep your guests warm during the holiday celebrations. Overwhelmed by the extensive array of choices? Check out our list below, highlighting each type of fireplace and the lifestyle it suits best!


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Why choose an electric fireplace over a traditional fireplace?

Unlike a traditional fireplace, with an electric fireplace you’re able to have direct control over the amount of heat being generated. With just the flick of a switch you’re able to turn off the fireplace. When you turn on a real fireplace, it creates fumes and ash that travel up your chimney and leave residue. With an electric fireplace, nothing is burned and no smoke or fumes are produced, making it very low maintenance.

Electric fireplaces can also be used year-round. Because the heat given from the fireplace can be controlled, you can use your fireplaces whether it’s summer or winter!


How do electric fireplaces work?

With an electric fireplace, there’s no need for chimneys or vent pipes. Instead of igniting a real fire, the heat and flames are created directly from electricity. Inside the fireplace, electricity is converted to heat energy then released into the room by a fan.


What is an electric fireplace insert?

Electric fireplace inserts perform the same functions of a freestanding fireplace, such as giving off heat, but are not meant to be used as standalone products. Inserts are placed inside existing hearths and are perfect if you want to convert a gas or wood-burning fireplace into an electric one.


Are electric fireplaces safe?

Electric fireplaces have 0 emissions of cancerous pollutants, smoke or dangerous fumes. They are safe for children, pets, and all living in your home. Electric fireplaces are cool to the touch and prevent injuries and burns. Most electric fireplaces have built-in timers to prevent home fires from units being left on overheating.


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What are the benefits of installing a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces look and perform like wood-burning fireplaces, without the mess and fumes. Gas fireplaces are also easy to use and require little maintenance. This fireplace is a more environmentally friendly option since it produces less emissions than wood-burning fireplaces. Another benefit of owning a gas fireplace is that it may help lower heating bills. This fireplace lets you heat the room you’re in while giving your furnace a rest.


What is the difference between a vented fireplace and an unvented fireplace?

There are two main types of gas fireplaces: vented and unvented. Vented gas fireplaces are similar to wood-burning fireplaces and require a vent to filter air in and out. This vent can be a chimney that has been converted or a vent that is built in specifically for the fireplace and runs out the side of the house.

An unvented gas fireplace does not require any venting at all. 100% of the gas fuel is burned so no fumes are released into the home.


Where can gas fireplaces be installed?

One of the advantages of a gas fireplace system is that it can be installed anywhere in your home. Your gas fireplace can be placed along any wall, internal or external. It is recommended that you do not have a fireplace installed where it is in danger of having water splash directly on it, nor install where there is a slippery surface where you are in danger of slipping or falling. Be sure to confer with a fireplace specialist to make sure the proper size and type of gas unit is installed.


How often should my gas fireplace be cleaned?

You will occasionally have to remove dust, soot and carbon buildup from your gas fireplace’s logs. Although the frequency of your fireplace servicing and maintenance will depend on use and type of gas fireplace, you should have a qualified service technician perform an appliance check-up at the beginning of each heating season.


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How much maintenance is required for an outdoor fireplace?

The amount of maintenance for an outdoor fireplace varies on the type of fireplace you choose. Wood burning fireplaces require the most maintenance based on locating and storing wood, as well as cleaning out ashes. Gas logs require less maintenance compared to wood burning fireplaces. Embers will need to be replaced over time and the gas logs will need to be cleaned periodically to remove soot from their surface. Electric fireplaces require little to no maintenance.


What steps should I take before installing an outdoor fireplace?

Before moving forward with your outdoor fireplace installation, be sure to check your local municipalities and building codes. Decide on the size and placement of your outdoor fireplace to ensure the size is right for the space.


Are permits needed to add an outdoor fireplace to my outdoor living space?

Every community has its own regulations and guidelines. It’s crucial to check before building an outdoor fireplace so that no problems arise should you ever decide to sell your home. It’s also important to check with your homeowners’ association (HOA), to be sure your outdoor fireplace fits within the community guidelines.

Gas Logs

What are gas logs?

Gas logs offer the look and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace without the mess and maintenance. Although they mimic the appearance of real wood, gas logs are usually made of ceramic and able to withstand high temperatures. With a variety of styles available, gas logs can look like any kind of wood.


Why choose gas logs for your home?

Using a gas logs fireplace has many benefits as opposed to a wood-burning fireplace. Gas logs require much less maintenance. There’s no need to worry about dust, soot, or even chopping wood. There is also no open flame, making gas fireplaces safer to operate than wood-burning fireplaces. Gas fireplace logs even produce more heat than standard fireplaces while retaining heat, making them more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces.


How are gas logs installed?

A gas fireplace system must be set up by a gas equipment professional before installing gas logs. If you have any questions regarding gas logs installation or other products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Whether you’re searching for an indoor fireplace or insert to create the perfect focal point or an outdoor fireplace so guests are welcome year round, our Denver fireplace store has everything you need for your home. Visit our Denver design center to view our wide selection of fireplaces and accessories. For more information, please contact us to speak directly with a representative or visit our blog for more inspiration.

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