Popular Residential Door & Cabinet Hardware Finishes

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When you have decided to update hardware it’s important to take the hardware finish into consideration. Do you want something vintage or modern? Traditional or contemporary? Here is a list of popular hardware finishes and how they differ in style!



Matte Black
This hardware finish has increased in popularity as more and more homeowners are turning to the Modern Farmhouse style for their homes. Matte Black finishes are perfect for either traditional or modern designs. What is also great about this versatile finish is that it’s available for brass and bronze base metals. For the ultimate Modern Farmhouse Vibe, check out the matte black finish on bronze hardware here at the Rio Grande Co. Design Center.




Satin Brass
Satin Brass gives a fresh look to the traditional brass finish. The soft Satin Brass finish has been a sought after in both door & cabinet hardware. This finish also works great for both traditional or modern designs. Keep in mind Satin Brass, unlike Matte Black, varies with each brand. Our design consultants always recommend seeing it in person at our showroom. Especially if you are try to match plumbing fixture, kitchen appliances, or lighting. We have Satin brass displayed in our showroom from each vendor.




Rose Gold & Copper

These rosey finishes really took the fashion industry by storm and now have made its way into the interior design industry. Kitchen Appliances and Lighting has been offering a lot more rosey finish options.  Rose Gold & Copper also vary depending on the manufacturer. Bring a finish chip in and our sales team can walk you through the showroom to find the perfect match.






Ready To Upgrade Your Hardware?

Our local Denver hardware showroom carries everything from fireplaces, stone, brick, pavers, tile, and more for your design needs. Contact us today to view our selection of residential hardware and hardware finishes in person!

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