Stay Safe and Secure with Window Well Covers

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window well covering safety grate

Maybe we’re biased, but we think you get the best of both worlds when living in Denver. Do you agree? Beautiful weather arises in the summertime and then the stunning snowy winter season falls quickly behind! We get spoiled with 300+ days of sunshine during the year, and spending time outside is what we do.

But with that, there are places outside your home that can be dangerous. That is why all homeowners need to make sure they are “covered” by having window well covers for their basement windows. There are several different types for various purposes and lifestyles. Learn more below to ensure that you are staying safe and secure this year!

Safety Grates

Safety Grates are high-quality window coverings made out of rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars. Its highest purpose is to provide safety surrounding your home by keeping children and animals from falling into the window well. It can withstand up to 600 pounds, however, it is not designed for everyday foot traffic.

Safety window well grates are extremely user friendly and safe to maneuver. These coverings are made to easily remove in the case of an emergency. If you are inside the basement and are in trouble, you can easily slide off the rubber grommet to remove the window covering and crawl out of the well. Even a small child can remove the safety grate if need be!

Flat Plastic Grates

The Boman Kemp Polycarbonate Window Well Cover is a flat plastic grate cover that is made to keep things such as snow, leaves, excess water, debris, and other material out of the window well. It is made out of durable polycarbonate plastic which is manufactured to ensure life-long protection of your home and window well.

Homeowners in Denver tend to love the plastic grates because it also allows natural light to enter into your dark basement room.

We highly suggest these window coverings and grates, as they are extremely beneficial to protect your home from potential damages and more importantly, to keep your children safe at all times.

One great thing about these covers is that you can combine the polycarbonate cover with the safety grate and retrieve dual benefits! Avoid outside materials from entering your home while having an ease of mind knowing that the safety net is there and easy to maneuver in the event that an emergency may occur.

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