The Right Building Supplies for Your Next Denver Construction Project

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So, you’re considering a new construction and/or design project soon? That’s great! Do you feel prepared with the right products, services, and accessories needed in order to perfectly execute your dream build? At Rio Grande Co, we always like to suggest a few building essentials such as concrete accessories, rebar, structural steel, and more to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. But what exactly are these components and are they needed for every construction? We’ve provided you with a few tips and tricks below to make sure that your next project is performed flawlessly and effortlessly!

First of all, what is rebar?

Rebar is a structural steel bar that is used in concrete construction. Because concrete is extremely heavy and is prone to cracking, rebar can significantly assist the building structure as it will help hold the large weight and alleviate pressure off of the cement. As a result, rebar is extremely beneficial, or often times crucial, in order to ensure a safe and well-designed structure.

Depending on your construction project, we almost always recommend using the dynamic duo of rebar alongside concrete. It simply assists the structure for the better and helps you, as the craftsman, achieve a higher level of design and unique assembly.

Add decorative concrete for customized designs

When creating optimized projects that require out-of-the-box features and designs, consider adding decorative concrete such as Brickform Solomon Colors or Smith Paints. These Epoxy and polyaspartic color coating applications offer unique touches to builds that will help you conform to your customers specific needs and requests.

Utilize concrete forming applications

Other concrete accessories that are especially crucial for commercial projects are concrete forming applications. These are absolutely needed to construct streets, highways, or high-rise structures. Rio Grande Co sells and rents concrete forms, such as Symons Steel Ply, along with needed accessories, to help you build your project with ease!

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Looking for more assistance with products or services for your next design project? We are happy to help you with the building materials you deserve! Contact us today to speak directly with one of our experienced staff members or visit our blog to learn more!

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